Services range and characteristics

  • executes domestic and national courier services. Courier services are non-universal postal services, defined in the Postal Services Law.
  • delivers services, to users from all settlements on the region of United Arab Amirates.
  • Orders are taken from Saturday to Friday, and is executed its parcels and stuffs to be delivered in the same business day.

Types of shipments:

    • Letter: Written message on any media, inserted in an card envelope.
    • Document: Written messages or printed materials (which do not fit in an card envelope).
    • Non-document:¬†Shipments with defined dimensions and weight, usually containing items.
    • Non-document shipments may be cash-on-delivery or not, depending on the sender.
    • There are limits of the number of packages in a multi-package shipment, its maximum 10.

Size and weight limits:

      • The maximum weight of a single package for domestic shipment:¬†1-2 kg.
      • The maximum length of a single package:¬†15 inches
      • The maximum width and girth:¬†12 inches
      • Price is determined based on the general actual weight or the general dimensional weight of all

packages in the shipment, whichever is greater. Dimensional weight is determined using the

following formula: reserves the right to weight and calculate over again every package, to confirm calculations.

1 Introduction

1.1  These specific terms apply to the parcel products set out in Appendix  A.

1.2  These specific terms (including all appendices) form part of your agreement with us, which is made up of:

1 our general terms;

2 the additional terms (including the user guide); and

3 the price confirmation letter.

1.3  If  these  specific terms  contradict the general  terms  or the operational  terms  described in the general  terms,  these specific terms will apply.

2 Definitions

2.1  You may not be familiar with some of the words or phrases  we use in this document. When they are used for the first time they are explained in the relevant part of this document, in the following section or in the general terms.

3 All parcel products

Features and options of parcel products

3.1  The features  and options available for the parcel products including the size and weight limits on items which you can post with each of the individual parcel products are set out in Appendix B.

Your duties

3.2  You must keep to the requirements of the general terms, these  specific terms,  the user guide, the price confirmation letter and any other document referred to in any of these documents.

3.3  You or your agent must make sure that:

1 each  package contains  only parcels, large  letters,  Same Day Service items which are the same class or delivery speed; and

2 each package is presented  separately from any of our other products.

3.4  You or your agent  can make  more  than  one  package at  the  same  time if  each  package keeps to the  terms  of the agreement.

3.5  You or your agent must ensure  that each package comes with the appropriate documents  as set out in the user guide and is presented  to us in line with the general terms.

3.6  Your items will either be collected by us from your site or must be handed over to us by you at a location that we agree with you.

Delivering your items

3.7  The delivery speed on Appendix B will apply to each of the parcel products:

3.8  Pre-advice

3.9  If we ask you for pre-advice, you must give us the pre-advice for each package you hand over no later than the time we agree with you. The pre-advice must list, among other things, each item in the package and its weight, and those items that require a signature or SMS/email notification.

3.10 We will not be responsible to you if the pre-advice  is inaccurate. If you hand over items which are not listed  in the pre-advice,  we can either  accept those  items and charge  you for these  additional  items or return  them  to you and charge you the return  to sender charge set out in the price confirmation letter.

3.11 We will aim but do not guarantee to notify you when we identify any item listed on the pre-advice  that we have not received.

How your items should be labelled and addressed

3.12 You must ensure that your items are:

1 correctly labelled and addressed in line with clauses, the user guide

2 clear addressing guide; and packaged in line with our wrapping and packaging guidelines.


Forecasting- your package plans and what you need to tell us

3.14 If you or your agent expect to hand over an exceptional package you must provide the following information:


1 the format and size of each item contained in the package;

2 the average weight of the items in the package; and

3 the destination the items in the package are going to.



3.15 We may agree to provide you with reports. If we do, we may charge you for these reports.   We will not deliver these reports until you and we have agreed such charge.

3.16 If  we give you reports  in  line  with clause 3.15  of these  specific terms,  you, your employees and  agents  may have access to, receive, or the report may contain in it, confidential information.  You and your employees and your agents must not publish or disclose the reports  or any information contained in the reports  to others or authorize or permit your employees or anyone else to copy, publish or disclose them to others without our express prior written approval. You agree to pay us for any costs (including legal fees), expenses, claims, losses, damages  and awards we have to pay because you have not kept to this clause 3.16.

3.17 If we agree to provide you with reports you must give us pre-advice at such times as we agree with you.  We will not be responsible or have any liability to you, for the accuracy or content of any pre-advice you provide.

3.18 You agree that all rights, title and interest in the reports belong to us. We will give you or your agent the right to use the reports for purposes related to this agreement only. You agree that your right to use the reports will come to an end immediately if you do not keep to the terms of this agreement.  We reserve the right to withdraw the provision of this right at any time on giving you notice.

3.19 We will not be responsible, or have any liability to you, for the accuracy or content of any reports provided to you in line with clause 3.15.

3.20 We may withdraw the provision of the reports at any time, without giving you prior notice.

Restricted materials

3.21 Subject to the general terms, the restricted materials detailed in clause 3.23 may only be sent:

3.21.1  using T-20, T-50, T-100 and Off Day Package